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 Yukon Winter Adventures

The Yukon is alive in winter!

Contrary to popular belief, the Yukon is not covered in darkness for 6 months! Much of the north enjoys between 6 - 12 hours of daylight depending on the time of winter. With exception to the arctic regions in the north, average temperatures are typically around -25c, so winter enthusiasts can enjoy Yukon’s outdoors in comfort. Our Yukon Winter Adventures have all the ingredients for a true and genuine Yukon winter experience.


Aurora Borealis at the Arctic Circle

A special trip designed with photographers in mind.
Nature tours of Yukon's arctic quest

Yukon Arctic Discovery Tour

Dempster Highway & Arctic Ice Roads

Step in the footsteps of the ice road truckers and drive a car over the ice roads in the Arctic.
Dreams do come true!
Nature tours of Yukon's dog sledding quest

Yukon Winter Trail

Dog sledding & winter camping (11 days)

Step back in time! Mush your own dog team, camp out in the snow experience life in the deep freeze. 
Winter Tours of Yukon's winter quest

Yukon Winter Adventure

Dog sledding & winter camping (8 days)

Explore winter wonderland with a dog team and experience what makes life in the North so special.
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Nature Tours of Yukon's Aurora Borealis and Northern Lights winter adventures in Canada's true north

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